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Prince of Persia

A Soldier's Mess Hall

Main Hall
A Tale like No Other
Within the Warrior
Of Myths and Legends
Passed Prophecies
The Courtyard
The Menagerie
A Soldier's Mess Hall
The [Other] Baths
The Harem
The Hall of Learning
The Observatory
The Hourglass Room

- Art of Weaponry -

The Mess Hall

Come, fellow warrior, to the table, where you and some of the soldiers can gather your merry spirits with some mead and sweet meats for there is much to celebrate: Today, some of medieval Persia's finest scimitars are being showcased.


Ah, it seems you shall have to resume the festivities with the soldiers another time as the 'Royal Persian Society of Canvassers' is sampling the opinions of its people. Here is one of the questions from the scroll:

(Reload or refresh webpage to see a different poll. There are eight polls total, shown at random.)


A secret passage.
[breaks out in sweat and pants] What, they couldn't have just placed a lever or switch here!?!

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