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Prince of Persia

King Sharaman

Main Hall
A Tale like No Other
Within the Warrior
Of Myths and Legends
Passed Prophecies
The Courtyard
The Menagerie
A Soldier's Mess Hall
The [Other] Baths
The Harem
The Hall of Learning
The Observatory
The Hourglass Room

King Sharaman, or Shah Raman, is the father of the Prince and a friend of the Sultan of Azad. He falls prey to avarice while passing by India on his way to back to Persia.

Enjoys: Looting kingdoms that are not his own, letting his son keep whatever he steals, grunting [when he is a sand beast], ignoring the Vizier, going into Azad bearing gifts

Dislikes: Not being "merciful" in victory, going into Azad without bearing gifts

King Sharaman
King Sharaman: [desolate] Hello, my name is Shah Raman and I am a kleptomaniac.

Kleptomaniacs Anonymous (self-help group): Hello Shah Raman!

The Prince


The Vizier

King Sharaman

The Sultan



The Empress


The Old Man

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