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Prince of Persia

The [Other] Baths

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A Tale like No Other
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The [Other] Baths
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- He Said, She Said: Quotes -

The Harlem's Baths

It is warm and soothing as you immerse yourself in the water. You lay your head back as the bath attendants massage your neck and tend to your ablution.

As you are fed grapes by one of the beautiful bath attendants, you notice there is someone in the bath next to yours. You look over to him and espy that it is none other than the reclusive and erudite historian of the palace! And look what he has with him - his written records of sayings by the Prince! A rare sight indeed!

What was that? You would like to read what has been written? Well, the historian will not mind, but please bear in mind he will record anything you say to him...

(Disclaimer: The original game script was written by Jordan Mechner. No copyright or trademark infringement is intended.)



Prince: "Most people think time is like a river that flows swift and sure in one direction, but I have seen the face of time, and I can tell you: They are wrong. Time is an ocean in a storm. You may wonder who I am or why I say this. Sit down, and I will tell you a tale like none that you have ever heard."


Prince: "Know first, I am the son of Shah Raman, a mighty King of Persia. On our way to Azad, with a small company of men, we passed through India with a promise of honour and glory that tempted my father into a grievous error."


Shah Raman: "See how he rides - like a warrior's son!"


Prince: "You'd think I felt regret as I gazed upon the destruction of the world, or at least humility at the speed in which a world can transform into a good world into a hell? If you think so, you are mistaken. From that moment, I thought of one thing only: The honour and glory I would bring my father by fighting like a warrior in my first battle."


Prince: "Many men that day sought to win honour and glory on the battlefield - that their King may say to them as Khosrau said to Rustam, 'You are the noblest of my warriors.' From the moment my sword tasted blood, I knew this would not be my way. I would win my father's praise not by killing, but by being the first to find the Maharajah's treasure vault and the wonders within."


Prince: "Trust not a man who has betrayed his master nor take him into your own service, lest he betray you too."



Prince: [battling sand beasts for the first time]

Farah: "Use the dagger!"

Prince: [rewinds time immediately]

Farah: "Use the dagger!"

Prince: "I know! You said that already!"

Farah: "No, I didn't!"



Prince: [rewinds time]

Farah: "Funny...I almost feel as though I've lived this moment before..."


[If the Prince attacks Farah with his sword]

Farah: "That's not funny!"

Farah: "What are you trying to do - kill me?"

Farah: "Stop it!"

Farah: [shoots an arrow at the Prince]

Prince: "Ow!"

Farah: "Sorry!"



Prince: "She tried to steal my dagger! After I saved her life! She would have left me there to die, and here I am, risking my life for her again - and why? Good question!"



Farah: "It's so quiet out there. It's terrible...but also...beautiful."

Prince: "Maybe to you."


Farah: "Look! A crack!" [crawls through the opening]

Prince: "You're a skinny little thing!"



[If the Prince delays opening the front gate for Farah]

Farah: "Hey, open the gate!"

Farah: "Come on, this isn't funny!"


[If the Prince accidentally jumps off the top of the wall on the wrong side]

Farah: "Why didn't you open the gate?"


Prince: "If you have believed the rest of my tale until now, perhaps you will also believe me when I tell you that as we made our way through the moonlit ruins, I began to feel strangely drawn to the girl at my side. My reason told me to distrust her for she had good cause to hate me. Yet, she had proved herself a loyal companion, and I confess, I was grateful for company of someone who, like me, was flesh and blood."


[If the Prince continues through the menagerie without pulling the lever to give Farah access to the ladder]

Farah: "Hey!"

Prince: [pulls lever and makes an excuse] "I thought I'd make sure it was safe first before I brought you up."

Farah: [sardonically] "I'll bet."

Prince: [continues on, later revealing a crack in the wall behind a box]

Farah: "So, you wanted to make sure it was safe first? Very heroic."


Prince: [door closes, leaving Farah behind him]

Farah: "Now how do I get through?"

Prince: "I don't know! Can't you crawl through a crack or something?"



[If the Prince tries to run on walls while still standing in the baths]

Prince: [slips]

Farah: "What's wrong?"

Prince: "It's too wet."



Prince: [climbing]

Farah: "Down below, there's a great open balcony. Come on, I'll show you."

Prince: [sarcastic] "Easy for you to say." [jumps to adjacent building]

Farah: "Here I am."

Prince: "Stay there. I'll come over to you."

Farah: "Can you jump it?"

Prince: [jumps, doesn't make it, and rewinds time]

Farah: "Can you jump it?"

Prince: "If I fall to my death, will that convince you?"

Farah: "No need to get nasty. [pauses] I know where I am - this gate leads to the baths. Do you think you could find your way there?"

Prince: "Of course. Finding my way to the baths from here should be easy."

Farah: "Good. I'll meet you there."

Prince: [to himself] "I'll just ask the first sand creature I meet, 'Could you direct me to the baths, please?' 'Well, thank you.' 'Don't mention it - I used to be a bath attendant back when I was alive.' [falsetto] 'I'll meet you at the baths.' [indignant] She orders me around as if I were a servant!"



Farah: [stroking the Prince's hair] "Don't leave me, my love...please don't leave me..."

Prince: [opens his eyes] "What did you call me?" [stands up]

Farah: "...It doesn't matter. The important thing is I know how we can reach the Tower of Dawn."

Prince: "Of course - the hourglass. All right, but this time, stay with me and pay attention - I can't spend all day chasing after you."

[If the Prince delays getting to where Farah is standing]

Farah: "What took you so long?"

Prince: "Oh, were you waiting long?"

Prince: "Oh, just frolicking about the palace."

Prince: [moves a statue to reveal a crack Farah can crawl through]

Farah: [hesitates]

Prince: "Well, what are you waiting for?"

Farah: "I'm afraid. What if I get in trouble and you have to come 'chasing after me?' "

Prince: "Please."

Farah: "Do you mean to say that you actually need my help?"

Prince: [reluctantly] "Yes."

Farah: "Oh, well, in that case..." [goes through the crack and the door opens] "The gate is open."

Prince: [before entering, falsetto] "I'm afraid. What if I get into trouble?"


[If the Prince stares at Farah before this point in the game]

Farah: "What are you looking at!?!"

Prince: "Sorry!"

[If the Prince continues to stare]

Farah: "Stop staring at me!" [camera automatically zooms out]

Prince: [lies] "I wasn't looking at you!"


[If the Prince stares at Farah after this point in the game]

Farah: "Your eyes...they're green..."

Prince: "Are they? [pauses] Sorry, was I staring?"

Farah: "It's all right."


Farah: "Please don't look at me like that."

Prince: "Like what?"



Prince: "She said, 'my love.' I know she did; I didn't dream it - at least, I think I didn't. Quite natural, really: Her kingdom's conquered, she has nothing - no one to protect her - she needs me. I can see it in the way she looks at me. All I'd have to do is reach out and take her hand and she'd be mine! [vexed] -Why am I talking to myself?"


Farah: "Try to hit the symbol on the wall!"

Prince: [exasperated] "What do you think I'm trying to do?"


Farah: "It's no use turning the mirror - there's no light beam!"

Prince: [exasperated] "I can see that!"


Farah: "Listen to this: [reading from a book] 'Of what use is reason against the power of love? Love is life. So, if you want to live, die in love. Die in love if you want to stay alive.' "

Prince: "What is that supposed to mean?"

Farah: "I thought you'd like it."

Prince: "If you want to be useful, try finding a book that will tell us how to get out of here."

Farah: "This isn't that kind of game."

Prince: [to himself] "A game? She thinks this is a game!"



Prince: [breaks open the wall leading to the Magic Fountain]

Farah: "I love when you do that."

Prince: "Come with me. Please."

Farah: "No, you go."

Prince: [returns] "How long was I gone?"

Farah: "Gone? What are you talking about?"


Farah: [entering the elevator]

Prince: "Be careful."

Farah: "Of what? Not everything is a trap, you know."

Prince: [steps in]

Farah: [elevator rises] "That was easy."

Prince: "Too easy..." [sand beasts appear] "You know, not everything is a trap."



Prince: "I had faced my enemy. I had looked into his eyes and lost...everything."


90% - THE TOMB

Farah: "When I was small, my mother taught me a secret word. She said that when I was afraid, all I had to do was speak that word and a magic door would open. [pauses] I've never told that to anybody."

Prince: "I can see why. It's the most childish thing I've ever heard of. [pauses] What was the word?"

Farah: "Kakolookiyam."


Prince: "Was it real? That magical cavern? If it was a dream, it was a dream we both shared - I know it was."



Prince: "Bravely I have fought and slain my enemies; honour and glory were mine. But though I fight until the desert sands themselves were red with blood, I could not bring back the dead."


100% - THE END

Prince: [hands the dagger to Farah] "Take this. Return it to your father's treasure vault. Guard it well."

Farah: "I owe you thanks...but why did you invent such a fantastic story? Do you think me a child - that I would believe such nonsense?"

Prince: [pulls Farah into a kiss]

Farah: [pushes the Prince away] "I said I owe you thanks. You presume too much."

Prince: [rewinds time]

Farah: "-such a fantastic story? Did you think me a child - that I would believe such nonsense?"

Prince: "You're right. It was just a story." [turns to leave]

Farah: "Wait! I don't even know your name."

Prince: "Just call me...Kakolookiyam."


The Harlem's Baths

"Oh look! Someone at the baths earlier must have dropped these."

A lady's gold filigree Oriental earrings.
Whose are these?

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