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Prince of Persia

The Prince

Main Hall
A Tale like No Other
Within the Warrior
Of Myths and Legends
Passed Prophecies
The Courtyard
The Menagerie
A Soldier's Mess Hall
The [Other] Baths
The Harem
The Hall of Learning
The Observatory
The Hourglass Room
The Prince

The Prince of Persia is the youngest son of King Sharaman (Shah Raman) and exhibits amazing acrobatic skills. Well-versed in the 'Epic of Kings,' the Prince is also mindful of other cultures and does not take to war. Such characteristics mark him with the potential to become a great king one day.

Oh look!  A crack!
Oh look! A crack!

In addition, the Prince has a great sense of humour and can also be vacillating when it comes to matters of the heart.

Enjoys: Hanging from ledges, falling from ledges [and then rewinding], killing himself [and then rewinding], kissing Indian Princesses [and then rewinding], drinking water from any available source [but not rewinding], searching for Farah, stealing daggers, telling stories

Dislikes: 'Everything being a trap,' being shot by arrows, falling to his death, telling a story incorrectly, not being remembered

I'm thirsty!
I'm thirsty!

Announcer: Tired? Too weak to climb up a wall? Don't have enough strength to hang on ledges?

Prince: [nods]

Announcer: Then drink Red Bull!

The floating Prince.
Prince: It gives you wings!



The Empress


The Old Man

The Prince


The Vizier

King Sharaman

The Sultan

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