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Prince of Persia


Main Hall
A Tale like No Other
Within the Warrior
Of Myths and Legends
Passed Prophecies
The Courtyard
The Menagerie
A Soldier's Mess Hall
The [Other] Baths
The Harem
The Hall of Learning
The Observatory
The Hourglass Room

Princess Farah is the daughter of an Indian Maharajah. A lady with a strong sense of universal morality, Farah is able to place her feelings aside -- even while in the depths of emotional turmoil -- to put things right.

When her home is pillaged by the Prince and his soldiers, she still fights alongside him in effort to contain the Sands of Time.

Green-eyed Princess
Barbie: "Like, OMG! They've placed Farah's head on my body! I'm so going to sue!"

Though she seems to have quite a mature personality, Farah is not without humour. She seems to have an adoration for cracks [in the wall] among other things.

Enjoys: Saying "Here I am!", saying "Look! A crack!", saying "Come on!", reading romance books in the library, using the Prince as target practise, stealing back what is stolen from to her

Dislikes: Being kidnapped by Persian soliders, being kissed by Persian Princes, being slashed by the sword of Persian Princes, being left behind

Farah, the Empress of Time's doppelganger.
Farah: I am the Empress of Time.

Kaileena: No, I am the Empress of Time!

Dahaka: [in a red dress] No, no, no, I am the Empress--

Prince: I have an headache...

Armed and dangerous!
Are you looking at me? Are you looking at me? Are you - That's it! It's stocked, nocked, and aimed!

Farah-Krishna, the blue goddess.
Remember, it's not 'Hare Krishna' - it's 'Farah-Krishna.' What were you expecting?

The Prince


The Vizier

King Sharaman

The Sultan



The Empress


The Old Man

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