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Prince of Persia

Hall of Learning

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The Hall of Learning
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- Fiction & Fan Fiction -


Welcome, travellers great or small, knights short or tall, friars wide or narrow, minstrels melodious or raucous, lords noble or frugal, ladies fair or foul, beggars clean or odorous, to the Royal Library. Please, sit down; have an apple and a few grapes too, as thou taketh thy time to look through some of the leather-bound books in the fiction section. The stories are arranged alphabetically by the bards' names. Enjoy thy stay, as tales of intrigue, adventure, and magic await thee.

Searching for books
Prince: Now where did I place my books again?

Farah: [sighs] Aladdin never misplaced any of his books.

Prince: [shocked] What? - You're comparing me with Aladdin? We're nothing alike!

Farah: Uh-huh.

Prince: Right...Jasmine!

From the Prince's private bookshelf
Uh oh! You've stumbled upon the Prince's books. Would you care to see what he was reading?

(Don't worry, no one will tell him you were prying...)

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Hall of Learning

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